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XP-Soft was established with a wider vision of "Computer for all, Education and Business" and a mission to "Education begins at home, then school, then work and we have to be there at every location for everybody with the right and needed set of products"
Bayt El-Kebrah was a founding member of the eLearning Publishers Union (eLPU) or what has evolved to become now eLearning And Business Solution Union (eLABs) along with about twenty of the best Egyptian software producers.
Over the past five years, XP-Soft has brought together a highly talented and experienced team of illustrators, animators, programmers and project managers. The team also includes professionals with teaching backgrounds and extensive experience in instructional and business application design.
XP-Soft Multimedia Division

XP-Soft Multimedia Division strives to create educational tools that will help achieve successful learning outcomes, our products and services are aimed at the ARAB world for schools, businesses, government agencies, and training institutions.

XP-Soft Business Division

XP-Soft Business Division  specializes in customized software development, ERP, CRM, and web & eCommerce development.

XP-Soft have developed a robust delivery models and business strategies to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solution to our clients to meet their goals and perform better. Our commitment, customer satisfaction, technical expertise, corporate value and transparency have made us a preferred vendor to our clients.

What we do?

We provide educational and instructional software for academic institutions (elementary and high school, university and post-graduate), government agencies and all types of business and industry.

We offer systems developing, maintenance, software localization, software reengineering and specific R&D
The XP-Soft team is made up of software programming experts, as well as individuals trained in educational and business research and needs assessment.
These skilled individuals work together in order to develop helpful learning and teaching tools, and tailored business suites developed to address the needs of a variety of specific audiences.

Besides undertaking development for various business domains, we also provide a specialist software solution for requirements in specific industries. This includes various solutions as a complete Hospital Management System (HMS), Pharmacies Management System, an ERP for a fertilizers manufacturing facility, another for a petroleum company, etc.
XP-Soft has also developed a variety of proprietary software and products.

News & Events
17 March, 2005
XP-Soft provides educational and instructional software for academic institutions, government agencies and all types of business and industry.
16 March, 2005
XP-Soft web development team stated in the Arabic version of the website.
15 March, 2005
XP-Soft announce lunching its beta version website for public to review, sorry we there will be some under construction links, we will work hard to complete our website.
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